Jul 6, 2024

Myrinda Ornelas

Myrinda Ornelas is a wardrobe stylist elevating small businesses and empowering communities through her creative gifts, expertise, and sustainable practices. She studied Fashion Merchandising in San Francisco and Milan.

Episode Highlights

  • 00:00 – Introduction to Myrinda Ornelas, a guest on the show
  • 01:20 – Myrinda’s passion for nature, simplicity, and creativity
  • 03:45 – Advocating for finding inspiration in nature and spreading peace and love
  • 05:10 – Moving from New York to California and the importance of inner strength
  • 07:30 – Focusing on happiness and simple joys for making a positive impact
  • 09:15 – Myrinda’s journey in the fashion industry and the impact of positivity
  • 11:00 – Embracing change, self-discovery, and growth after challenges
  • 13:20 – Learning from failures, maintaining a support system, and finding joy in the journey
  • 15:00 – Resilience, pursuing dreams, and balancing life through various activities
  • 17:30 – Prioritizing self-care, engaging with nature, and personal and professional growth
  • 19:00 – Life lessons on protecting peace, fearlessness, and loving what you do
  • 21:10 – Reflecting on inner journeys and choosing defining life lessons
  • 22:45 – Nitin expresses gratitude for Myrinda’s story and wisdom

Show Transcript

Transcript - Full Episode

[00:00:02 – 00:00:11] Nitin Bajaj

Hey, everyone. Welcome to the industry show. I’m your host, Nitin Bajaj. And joining me today is Myrinda Ornelas. Mirinda, welcome on the show.

[00:00:12 – 00:00:15] Myrinda Ornelas

Hi. Thank you so much. Happy to be here.

[00:00:15 – 00:00:18] Nitin Bajaj

Glad to have you here. Let’s start with who is Mirinda?

[00:00:21 – 00:01:27] Myrinda Ornelas

I would say she can be very complex, but also lover of the simple things. So as a creative, I appreciate nature and all things natural, things that we create that are unique to us. So oftentimes, I will be in nature if I can, and that’s where I get my inspiration. That’s where I can realign and kind of find homeostasis again and hear myself and come back to myself rather than, you know, there’s noises everywhere. So, also, I’m an artist. So if I have time, that also helps me get back to me. And really a person who believes in, like, spreading peace and love as cliche as that sounds, but I try to, carry that with me and forth with 1 on 1 relationships, into my work with clients, and imagine if we all did that.

[00:01:28 – 00:02:03] Nitin Bajaj

So true. And finding that peace in this noise, we cannot escape from the noise, but if we can find the peace, that’s so extremely important. Tell us about, you know, as an artist, as a creative, I’m very curious to hear what the mission and the vision is behind it that drives you to your North Star, your, you know, what what brings you that motivation to find that inspiration and create something out of nothing?

[00:02:05 – 00:03:58] Myrinda Ornelas

Well, in, my short time, I would love to leave the world a better place, and that, again, looks like being kinder. So being really more mindful, and it doesn’t cost much, just a little bit of energy. But, I would say through my experiences and how I’ve learned to be adaptive, to the situations. And recently, I moved back from New York to California. I should say I came back to California after living in New York for so many years, and there were a lot of, life pivots that were unexpected, but it really, allowed me to tap into my inner strength and resourcefulness and really, like, know my value. And at the end of the day, it’s up to me. So I have what I have to work with. And from there, just knowing what I would like to accomplish. And, and I think that comes from place of good intentions, a humanitarian, viewpoint like, seeking beauty in the everyday things, which so often we overlook. And I think that starts from micro focusing. So again, like, being in nature, I’m able to just really slow down and appreciate the simple things and, kind of expand that to a broader viewpoint. And, yeah. I would say slowing down really is helpful. So then you can see, like, where is the source?

[00:03:59 – 00:03:59] Nitin Bajaj


[00:03:59 – 00:04:16] Myrinda Ornelas

And, if we all really, like, focused on, you know, what what brings us joy, what makes us happy, then we can tap into that, strengthen it, and I think when we are happy, we’re able to do more good for the world.

[00:04:17 – 00:05:05] Nitin Bajaj

So true. It’s in the the little things, the small things that apparently are small, but does not mean they’re insignificant. And as you rightly said, if we can draw inspiration and energy from those small everyday things, it brings so much clarity. It brings so much joy to everything we do. So, yeah, thank you for sharing that. Now as you as you look at, you know, what you have created, I try to measure things in terms of impact. I’d love for you to share the impact of your work and especially in terms of the lives you’ve been able to positively change or impact.

[00:05:08 – 00:07:07] Myrinda Ornelas

So, I have been in the fashion industry. I’d like to say since I was a child. I’ve always had, like, a knack of putting things together in unexpected ways, but sometime somehow it works. But that led me to, doing retail for, I would say, the past 14 years. And through that, I have been blessed to interact with people on a personal 1 on 1 level. And, really, like, it hasn’t been about just selling to make the most money for me. Like, if that happens after, you know, doing something, again, with good intentions, wonderful. I’m, you know, making I’m living by doing something I love and doing good. So it is true when they say retail therapy. Yes. And having a best interest in psychology, I believe I’ve been able to, like, really kinda marry that with the job and able to seek what are people looking for and how can these, like, superficial layers that we wear, like, better, you you know, portray how we feel inside and make us feel beautiful and express what we want to in this world. So I do believe, like, I, you could consider me a little bit of a psychologist, or a therapist rather. So I’ve been fortunate to impact 100 of lives, over the years, and, I mean, not even just at work, but I try to carry that through through with strangers. And you just never know, like, what what some simple kindness can do for others and instilling hope and, yeah, you really don’t know what a gift that can be. So I try to walk with that.

[00:07:08 – 00:07:35] Nitin Bajaj

So true. And 1 important thing that you called out is, you know, we don’t have to be a certain way at a certain time of the day just because you’re going to work, you have to be something. And when you step out, you become another person. So if you have taken that upon and you want to help bring positivity to others, you can do that in in every aspect of your life. And that’s that’s extremely important. So thank you for sharing that.

[00:07:36 – 00:07:37] Myrinda Ornelas

Thank you.

[00:07:37 – 00:07:51] Nitin Bajaj

I would love to hear from you as you go about being creative and bringing art to help people in their journeys and help them realize their best versions. What’s the 1 big challenge you face?

[00:07:54 – 00:10:16] Myrinda Ornelas

So, as I mentioned previously, my life this last year, between 2022 and 23 took a major drastic, and abrupt change. So I was wrongfully terminated and with the company that I moved from California to New York, and had a very strong client base, was doing important significant work, I believe. But, unfortunately, you I’ve well, as a blessing also, I’ve been more mindful of not everybody does the work, the inner work, and, egos, and we have to adjust our expectations of others. So when I advocated for myself, that wasn’t that wasn’t a it didn’t work out so well, but I’m still determined, as a tourist to persevere, and I believe, like, things will right themselves. So with that move, well, with that brought a move and, an end to a relationship which I also didn’t expect to end. So the thought that things are temporary really did play a role into it, but it allowed me to strip the layers and, again, come back to myself and realize, like, what I have and what I’m passionate about and the gifts that I was born with. And so, actually, like, when when everything is gone in a sense and you have to rebuild from the ground up, you it totally refocuses you and I do believe that instead of looking at it as a failure, it was a pivot that redirected me to my right path. And, it’s a challenge, absolutely. Like, nobody said it would be easy, but I I mean, here we are today. Like, it’s brought me so many blessings that otherwise I couldn’t have imagined. And, I’m just trying to be open to whatever opportunities may arise and just constantly continue to work and grow. And when I say work, I totally do mean from within

[00:10:16 – 00:10:16] Nitin Bajaj


[00:10:16 – 00:10:17] Myrinda Ornelas

The inside out.

[00:10:18 – 00:10:19] Nitin Bajaj


[00:10:19 – 00:10:20] Myrinda Ornelas

Just yeah.

[00:10:22 – 00:11:23] Nitin Bajaj

Kudos for for being strong and staying strong. This is yeah. As you mentioned, some of these things are so foundational, so fundamental to us that sometimes we right or wrong, take them for granted. And, and when those are taken away from us, it puts us in a position of adversity. And when it does, what we do with it is what comes to define us. So I’m glad that you were able to take control of that situation, go back to what your roots are and draw from it. And, yeah, you know, congratulations for coming out on the other side and allowing your strengths, allowing your network, allowing all of the connections and relationships to come and be a force of good for you. So

[00:11:23 – 00:11:24] Myrinda Ornelas

Thank you.

[00:11:24 – 00:11:39] Nitin Bajaj

Sure. Thank you. Now as we look on the other side and look at what’s to come, I’d love for you to share what’s that 1 exciting opportunity that, I guess you’re excited about.

[00:11:42 – 00:12:28] Myrinda Ornelas

Well, again, being open to bite my cat. So being open to opportunities especially things that we don’t always expect or what didn’t look like what we didn’t think it would look like. I’ve been involved in events, and that was something that on a personal level, and a friend level, sure, I would do, and it’s something I really do enjoy. But I, I had been working with folks, and, I did an event in September called the Sip and Style, which incorporated my styling at a vintage shop. And, actually, Bob from Vinos Unidos

[00:12:28 – 00:12:28] Nitin Bajaj


[00:12:28 – 00:13:20] Myrinda Ornelas

He, was a participant and sponsor for that event, which then we went to small business Saturday. And, he was also there for that. And now, I will be working with him in an upcoming event this Sunday at a floral boutique in Sherman Oaks, and she has event ideas for the future. So, again, when I say, like, you know, we’re always working even on a personal level. When we step out into the world, you never know who you’re going to meet. And so it’s I’m really excited about the future. And did I anticipate that this is what I would be doing a year later? No. But it also allows me to flex my creative muscles and feel endorsed by, like, my vision

[00:13:20 – 00:13:21] Nitin Bajaj


[00:13:21 – 00:13:32] Myrinda Ornelas

By, very inspirational and wonderful people. So I’m super grateful and really excited to see what happens next.

[00:13:33 – 00:14:25] Nitin Bajaj

That’s amazing. Again, congratulations. It’s a journey. It’s, a journey we all get on at some point in our lives. And, yeah, we sometimes have to sidestep, sometimes have to take a few steps back, but we come back stronger and looks like that’s where you’re headed. So super excited for that. Now as we talk about what’s coming in the future, I also wanna talk a little bit about the past in a way where I would love for you to share 2 moments. 1, where things did not work out as you had expected. There was failure. There were lessons learned. And another experience where things blew your own expectations and became a success beyond what you had imagined. Yeah.

[00:14:26 – 00:16:08] Myrinda Ornelas

So, again, I think going back to the feeling of being fired, you think, man, I failed. Like, I did something wrong. That’s not always the case. Again, III think that and the relationship, it it was something that wasn’t meant to be part of my destiny. And, I’m very grateful to that because I have been redirected back to California, which was part of the original plan. So happened in a way that, again, I didn’t really plan. It was it was quite sudden, but sometimes we need that push. And I do feel like I am becoming my truest self, especially knowing my strength, being able to tap into that when I need to and, like, learning what works for me. And then you also do learn who, who is actually there for you, like, and there to stand with you in times of adversity rather than those who will say they are, but that’s not always the case. So, I’ve learned that I have an amazing support army, I would say. And, yeah. So coming back to myself, and I feel like getting closer to my purpose and just learning to enjoy the journey again. Like, failures are lessons. Yes. And failures again, I say.

[00:16:08 – 00:16:09] Nitin Bajaj


[00:16:10 – 00:16:35] Myrinda Ornelas

And, something that again, I I think this new this newfound, career path, I was able to, after last year’s small business Saturday in San Fernando, I was able to go back to New York, which was my first trip heading back after leaving.

[00:16:35 – 00:16:35] Nitin Bajaj


[00:16:35 – 00:17:31] Myrinda Ornelas

And I did a business trip. So it’s always been a dream to do work by coastal. And to be able to do that, after an event that I just completed and revisit with clients from the, previous company who we’ve maintained contact this this whole time. Like, that was such a gratifying experience, and it felt beautiful to be there, like, with a fresh set of eyes, filled with so much love and doing what I love and what I’m passionate about. So it was, like, the best of both worlds. And, you know, it’s I’ve learned now that I can visit visiting New York is lovely, but coming back home here is even better. So, you know, New York still had its charm, and it didn’t it didn’t have, like, that effect that living in New York often does. You know?

[00:17:34 – 00:18:29] Nitin Bajaj

Happy for you. That’s that’s amazing. And it’s great to see that, you know, you’ve been through something, you come out on the other side, and it also brings about some of the dreams that, you 1 day had. And at 1 moment, you’re thinking life’s taken a pause or maybe has taken 10 taken you 10 steps back. And if you stay strong and stay resilient, it’s most oftentimes things come around. So I’m happy that that’s already starting to happen for you. Nitin all of the fun that you’re having with, you know, the inner journey, exploring entrepreneurship, making new relationships and Myrinda. What do you do for fun to de stress, to just, you know, hit reset?

[00:18:33 – 00:20:32] Myrinda Ornelas

Definitely outside as much as I can, which is wonderful in California. We have where I live, fortunately, I’m very accessible, to a bunch of trails. So I enjoy going hiking, walking, running, so really caring for my body, and I think that is important too not to neglect. And then I had gotten back into my art, which has been a wonderful experience. Because I have all these ideas and thoughts in my head, but oftentimes, we we feel like it’s it’ll take too much for me to sit down and, really focus in on that. Like, it’ll take me away from all the other things I have to do. So allowing myself that time is wonderful and very important actually. And then also reading. Like, I people ask, what show are you watching right now? I can’t really tell you, but I just finished a great book. So I’m sure there’s great shows out there. I I’m sure there are, but I have trouble now feeling I have trouble now with the idea of sitting for hours when, you know, when it’s like this outside, or or I could be doing other things that will, like, help me grow. And, I think reading is also it exercises my brain and, I love discovering new words I think that’s I think it’s so exciting. So, I do, yeah, spend a lot of time outside in nature, exercising, yoga, in a meditative state, and again it really, I think if I take care of what’s going on inside I’m better able to execute, at my highest degree professionally.

[00:20:35 – 00:20:55] Nitin Bajaj

There’s that wisdom. And I can relate with you when I get asked what’s the latest show. I am pretty blank because I have to dig back maybe a few years when I had seen the last show. So I can completely relate to that because when we have this kind of weather, right, barring the few rainy spots we had

[00:20:56 – 00:20:56] Myrinda Ornelas


[00:20:57 – 00:21:13] Nitin Bajaj

There’s so much to do outside. So why sit in front of a screen? So that’s awesome. Now that brings us to my favorite part of the show. We call it the 1 line life lessons. Myrna, I would love for you to share your life lessons with us.

[00:21:14 – 00:23:23] Myrinda Ornelas

Okay. This was a little difficult because, gosh, I’ve learned so much. So, I would say number 1 is protect your peace, I think. What grounds you and maintains your homeostasis, you know, what healthy limits and boundaries must be maintained, I think that is very very important. Number 2, there’s a quote that I love, and the theme of let it go has been huge in, the past year and a half. So, by Laozu, the world belongs to those who let it go. Incredible. It brings you, you know, such peace and freedom. Just think about that. The third, be not afraid, and which is like getting comfortable with the uncomfortable, befriending the unknown because there’s a lot of that in life and we may not know, like, what lies ahead, but it’s okay. You know, don’t be afraid. It’ll work out 1 way or the other. It’s meant to be. Another quote, this is by Steve Jobs, is the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. That is so relatable. Again, I you know, it is. And, I’ve learned to observe and listen. There’s truth in reading body language and what’s unspoken because people lie. We’ve we’ve become very good actors, so observing more and speaking less.

[00:23:25 – 00:24:22] Nitin Bajaj

Yeah. Well, thank you. Words of wisdom. And I think 1 of the great thing about going through that inner journey is it helps us pick and choose these life lessons that we want us defined by. Right? And they help us set or reset that foundation to say, I’ve become this. I wanna keep certain of these things, but I wanna redefine myself going forward. And here are the principles, these life lessons that are going to help me and, extremely important. So thank you so much for sharing your journey, your story with us. Congratulations on the success so far. And I know this is just the beginning, so lots more to come. And, we’d love to bring you back on and share more of your successes.

[00:24:24 – 00:24:56] Myrinda Ornelas

Thank you so much. And, I mean, meeting you also, this just goes to show, like, just doing what feels right, continuing that journey. You never know. So thank you so much for your time and what peace you bring also to every single 1 of our interactions. And this this wasn’t easy, I will say, to do that, but I really appreciate you, and I’m grateful for what’s emerged from it and just what you do. So thank you, Nitin.

[00:24:57 – 00:24:58] Nitin Bajaj

Thank you.


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